1st. of Three Things Smart Sales Execs Never Do

IMG_0904 It’s my day off and I’m taking an early afternoon nap. The phone rings. There are almost 2000 names in my phone book and I do not recognise this number.

“This is Herman Alvaranga, how may I assist you?”

“Is this Herman Alvaranga?” Yes it is. “OK, my name is Dianne Lawless from the Lawless Insurance Agency. I’m calling on behalf of Lawless Christopher. We want to schedule a meeting with you to discuss insurance matters. Would Thursday afternoon at 2:00 or Friday at 12:00 noon be better for you?”

This smooth talking young lady is crazy! “Could you say that for me again, please.” Unwittingly she repeats her script. “Let me see if I understand you correctly. You are giving me two options as to when I am to come to your office, for you to tell me about the life insurance products that you are selling. Is that correct?”

“Yes sir. Which is better for you?”

I was embarrassed for her. Here is another generation of sales people being trained in the old manipulative ways of selling that E. K. Strong warned against way back in 1925, ninety years ago. No wonder some sales people are still regarded as manipulative, thoughtless, insensitive…

So here’s the first of three things that smart sales execs never do. We never use dumb, offensive, closing techniques.

Herman D. Alvaranga is president of the Caribbean School of Sales Management. Connect the dots, and call us instead of looking outside the Caribbean for world-class marketing & sales consulting and training.


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