Sightings of a Caribbean Street Marketer #1

Good breakfast. Big lunch. Nice Dinner.

– Buck’s Restaurant, Constant Spring, Jamaica

Now what more could a working man ask for?

The sign is hand-painted in red on ply-board measuring about 4′ x 3.’ And if you are in the bustling Constant Spring/Manor Park area of St. Andrew you cannot miss it.

The sign is in front of the restaurant itself, 30 meters between the Constant Spring market and the huge bus park, in proximity to two busy gas stations, and directly across from the sprawling Manor Park shopping centre. Further, if you travel in a southerly direction from Constant Spring, with heavy traffic all throughout the day, the sign is just in-your-face.

So up the stairs and in to Buck’s Restaurant to test their product offering. Business is brisk.

What for you sir? Breakfast finish, but the stew pork eat nice!

The day’s special, stew pork, although selling like… I almost said hot bread, but let’s stick with stew pork, is not for me. Too spicy? No. Just not for me. I’m Jewish/Adventist.

So why is Buck’s Restaurant doing so well? Their target market is very clearly defined, their value proposition is as crisp as any I’ve seen, and their use of outdoor advertising is… shall I say, spot-on. Aaaahhh… the art and science of marketing!

Herman D. Alvaranga is the Caribbean’s happiest marketing and sales strategist


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