Revealing One of Jamaica’s Best Kept Secrets

Dianne at Work

There are some secrets that you should carry to your grave. And there are some that you should share with those who need to know. This is about one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets that I feel compelled to share, because one never knows who may benefit from it.

No; it is not about the Gap Cafe, way up in the majestic Blue Mountains. It is not about the Crystal Edge Restaurant and the adjacent original Cafe Blue Irish Town Location. Neither is it about any other exquisite destination in Paradise. The secret I’m sharing is about a small, private secondary school that’s like none other. Ever heard of the Victory Academy in Kingston, Jamaica? I’ll bet you haven’t.

Can you imagine a school environment where there is no violence or aggression, where students are happy and free? Can you can picture a small, beautiful co-educational high school, nestled amidst lush vegetation in the beautiful suburbs of St. Andrew, Jamaica? Sounds like Utopia? Nope, This is Victory Academy, and it’s as close to Utopia as you will get.

Victory Academy is committed to providing a values-based curriculum which ensures academic excellence, discipline and character development. It is a place where students feel safe and happy; the proverbial home away from home. The small class structure ensures that all teens receive individualised attention to unlock their hidden (and obvious) potentials. Which other high school places equal emphasis of academics as it does etiquette and social graces in today’s uncouth world? Or a social conscience for that matter? And to think they have been doing this for 20 years? A well kept secret indeed!

If you know someone who would benefit from “The Victory Experience” please have a look at their Website: and call Mrs. Dianne Clarke at 876-978-0274, or E-mail

Herman D. Alvaranga is principal of the Caribbean School of Sales Management.


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