They are Offering Good Money; But Would You Take This Job?

The Caribbean School of Sales Management


The following was my most popular post on WordPress in 2014. With some edits I’m reposting it and would appreciate your feedback regarding a real case.

“I’d like you to send me a proposal for two days’ training for a small, new sales team that my firm is putting in place. Can you do that please and send me a training outline.”

Caller is head of Training for a large firm in the financial services sector. We’ve never met. I was referred by a client. Hey! That’s prescribing before diagnosing. Malpractice!

“Thanks for thinking of me; but could we meet for a few minutes so that I could get a clearer understanding of the situation and the problem that you want to solve?”

“That’s ok; but we are pretty well organised and two days sales training should do the job. So how about sending me a programme outline and your…

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2 thoughts on “They are Offering Good Money; But Would You Take This Job?

  1. I’ve been in a similar situation way too many times with regards to social media. People don’t quite understand it and think that they just need a Facebook page and some posts. The only difference is that they’re not paying a lot of money. They are paying chump change because they think anyone can do the job. So I’ve chosen to leave that money on the table.

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