Marketing Marley Marijuana: A Marketer’s Dream Job?

Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid copy

Circa 1976 Peter Tosh, former member of the Bob Marley’s Wailers, in referring to the Jamaican marijuana (also known as ganja) sang, “Legalise it, don’t criticise it. Legalise it and I will advertise it!” So now its legal, in some places anyway, and the famous Jamaican herb within a few years may be marketed globally under the Marley Marijuana brand. A brand marketer’s dream job?

According to Keller (2013) marketers seek to move their brands up the pyramid starting with achieving awareness or salience, then on to performance/imagery, judgment/feelings, and ultimately to brand resonance as shown in the figure above. Achieving brand awareness can be a very expensive process that often takes years. Further, many firms having achieved brand awareness never get any further. Contrast that with marketing Marley Marijuana. Can you imagine launching a product that your entire target market globally is anxiously awaiting! Not even the iPhone can match that.

Now we know what Bob Marley meant when he sang, “Them a go tired fi see mi face, for them can’t get me outa di the race.” Taking it a step farther, soon smokers globally will join Bob in singing, “Excuse me while I light my spliff…”


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