Introducing The Caribbean School of Sales Management

Six things you should know about the new Caribbean School of Sales Management (CSSM):

  • CSSM is the first of its type in the English-speaking Caribbean.
  • CSSM is registered in Jamaica as a Public Training College to address a gap in our region’s business education. We commenced operating in October 2014, and the lengthy process of affiliations and accreditation has begun.
  • CSSM’s purpose is to improve the competitiveness of Caribbean businesses by educating our sales and marketing practitioners at all levels to global standards while embracing our cultural and contextual uniqueness.
  • CSSM offers 5 open courses ranging from a 1-day introductory course to an 8-month long diploma in sales management.
  • In addition to the open courses, CSSM will customise content and programmes for your specific needs and deliver them at your preferred location.
  • CSSM’s president is Herman Alvaranga, veteran senior executive, marketing and sales consultant, and adjunct senior lecturer at U.W.I. (Profile on Linkedin.) Other faculty are suitably qualified academics and practitioners.

Finally, you would be disappointed if we didn’t ask for your business. So, if your dream is having a world-class sales and marketing team or becoming an effective sales professional, please call CSSM at 876-527-3001 or E-mail


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