3 Steps to Ending the War Between Marketing & Finance

In far too many companies there is a war between marketing and finance. And the marketers generally loose. Here are three steps marketers must take to end that war for the benefit of the entire company.

  1. Marketers must understand that their purpose is to create a better balance sheet: and not merely to create brand awareness.
  2. Improve your game. Every finance manager that I know is properly schooled and certified in their discipline. Too many marketing managers cannot make that claim, and are not considered by Finance as their equal.
  3. Present to your senior management team a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan that is a roadmap for achieving the financial objectives that were agreed at the business level. If you need help to create your  strategic marketing plan, get it:  and show them that marketing is an investment, not an expenditure.

OK; so your finance manager may not exactly embrace you when you have done all the above; but they will respect you. And, I have never met a CEO who did not consider a good investment that would help them achieve their mission. Have you?

Herman Alvaranga educates marketing and sales people.


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