Three Simple Steps To Better Sales Training Results

Managers often question the value that they receive from sales training. Here are three steps that will lead to better sales training results:

1. Be sure to diagnose the problem correctly. Because the service standard from the sales team has fallen does not, for example, mean that they need customer service training.

2. Look beyond hiring a “sales trainer.” Gone are the days when salespeople required simple presentation and closing skills to be successful. Further, order-takers, order-creators, front-line sales people and sales support personnel all have different training needs. One size does not fit all. Be sure, therefore, to employ a consultant capable of balancing deep experience “from the Boardroom to the Showroom” with formal training in marketing and sales strategy, buying behaviour, and sales management. This enables them to create programme content aligned with your corporate objectives and which is customised for the specific needs of different groups in your organisation.

3. A day or two of sales training by itself is not enough. Research shows sales training yields superior results when supported by the right coaching.

Herman Alvaranga educates marketing and sales people.


One thought on “Three Simple Steps To Better Sales Training Results

  1. Nicola says:

    I am in agreement! And from experience….this approach is more successful. Thanks for the work you have done with my Sales Team Herman Alveraga. All the best!


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