Mommy’s Car Is Healthy. It’s Got Green Juice!

Mommy’s Car Is Healthy. It’s Got Green Juice!

“Oh my God! How and when did this happen? I didn’t notice anything unusual while driving home. The car was running fine. What could it be?”

“Jesus. What’s this on me now? A busted radiator? A blown head gasket? Did I tighten the cap fully when I added coolant this morning? OMG!

The innocence of a child, fright of a mother, and the dismay of a husband/father facing expensive car repairs just collided. And the green juice keeps flowing even when the engine is turned off. OMG!

Turns out it was only the filler cap that needed tightening and two or three quarts of coolant did the trick. And all’s well that ends well. Or is it?

Speaking of cars, my mind goes back to my first car. A white Ford Escort. In those days FORD wasn’t just a brand name. It was an also an acronym. Fix Often. Repair Daily. In fact daily repairs led to a workshop manual and I had a great time frustrating the poor car, giving it more trouble than it gave me.

But back to green juice in the driveway. What are the take-aways? Two things jump to mind. Firstly, when you take early retirement as an amateur mechanic you should keep your toolkit locked. Stay away from complicated tasks like topping up radiator coolant and checking engine oil or windshield washer fluid.  Secondly, there’s a serious lesson in microeconomics for these hard times. Family wants me to live forever, so they keep buying me lot’s of healthy stuff, including green juice. But the green juice they buy is expensive. So, will someone please tell Family to stop buying green juice from the fruit juice section at Mega Mart. The smart thing is to step across to the automotive section because over there green juice is cheaper by the gallon. Just as green. And they both taste bad anyway.

Now that you mention it, I wonder how much that would save us over the next year?



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