OMG, I Left My Phone At Home! Helllllp!

It’s 7:30 Thursday morning. The research conference starts in one hour and I don’t want to be late. Embarrassing, and discourteous. I’m on time; but only just. No margin for error.

“Can you call Jean Pierre for me,” asked SGA. “Sure.” My hand reaches down to usual place in car for my beloved iPhone. Beloved? Yup. Constant companion for 7 years+ (x15 = human years). Real old and faithful. We even have matching grey beards.

Not there. Must be in my pocket. Not there either. OMG, I left my phone at home! Hellllp! Shall I call the Office of Disaster Management? Or the Red Cross? Would a police officer go get it for me? No. I have no friends in politics. So how will I manage? OMG. Its 14 hours until I return home. And nobody will be able to reach me all day! Oh NO!!! Ok, so I do have my iPad (that too, is getting long in the tooth) and I’ll have Internet service all day, wherever I am. But I’m thinking of all the people who will be calling me, leaving voice messages that I’ll never hear until it is too late. This is calamitous! Or is it?

Hours later SGA turns up; iPhone in hand. Smiling. Oh thank God! What would I do without you? But what, really, did I miss from not being tethered? Surely my world didn’t fall apart. And without that distraction I focused on the really important, and not the urgent. And gosh, did I learn a lot!

Come to think of it, what would happen if I had a “no phone day” once per week? Hey, how about you? Taking it one step further, what if you and your entire network took a “no phone day” every Friday?

Hello Friday 13th. June!

Herman D. Alvaranga is a marketing and sales strategist.


3 thoughts on “OMG, I Left My Phone At Home! Helllllp!

  1. Juliet says:

    The emotional attachments we have developed to our iphones during our waking hours is amazing to me. What call or message did we miss? What did we do before iphones is the question? Hard to believe that we cannot even take time to eat a proper meal without looking at the phone. I spent a full day at airports from Africa to NYC, and it’s amazing how attached we are to our phones. No one looked away from their phones. No one communicated with each other. Now we are discussing the trauma of not having a phone for a couple of hours. How traumatic is that at the end of the day? I value having a phone in the event of an emergency, but life continues with our without my iphone by my side all the time.


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