Digicel’s in Red and LIME’s in Black? Oh Really!

Colours have meaning.

I grew up thinking that every business wanted to be in the black, and if your business was in red it was a failure and someone would get fired sooner or later. But that was then.

Fast forward to 2014. Digicel, the telecoms firm is deep red (with a hint of white). Being a private company with no need to disclose, we don’t know if their red runs deep. But we do know that Denis O’Brien, their principal owner was just declared Ireland’s richest man with net worth exceeding US$8B. Very deep in black.

Across the channel, Cable and Wireless, another communications giant, announced that their Jamaican subsidiary, LIME, clad in black, raked in less green last year and are deeper in red. Confused? Being a Jamaican man with no understanding of colour of course I am!

But this marketer does understand pricing strategy. Now why on earth did LIME Jamaica introduce a pricing strategy that led to a sharp increase in the number of subscribers, and of course higher operating costs, only to record a decline in revenues? Naturally the company that’s carrying black went further in the red, ending with a negative net worth of over $20B. Didn’t someone do a break-even analysis?

Negative net worth? Hmmmmmhhhh. Seems like the company in black is green with envy of the one in red. Hey! Did I say negative net worth? Now that’s a grey area for me!


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