How You Define Marketing?


There are many definitions of marketing, and much confusion about what it is. Here’s how one of my favourite marketers, Malcolm McDonald (2007) defines marketing.

“Marketing is a process for:

  • defining markets
  • quantifying the needs of customer groups (segments) within these markets
  • determining the value propositions to meet these needs
  • communicating these value propositions to all those people in the organisation responsible for delivering them, and getting their buy-in to their role
  • playing an appropriate role in delivering these value propositions (usually only communications)
  • monitoring the value actually delivered.”

Pretty long definition, huh? Yes. Clear as mud? I hope not. But if it still is, here’s a shorter one that you may prefer, “Identifying customers’ wants and needs and satisfying them at a profit.”

So, here’s my question: how do you define marketing? Got a better definition that you want to share?



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