Teaching The Bright


This was an exciting day. Six hours after my all-day session with the sales team from a company in the advertising business I’m still on a high from it instead of focusing on Shabbat HaGadol (the Sabbath before Passover). But why? Yeah. Why

Is it because of the quality of management, including the sales director who has put together one of the brightest sales teams I’ve ever met? Or is it because the team was eager to be educated in research-driven contemporary selling strategies anchored in buying behaviour so that they could train themselves? Whatever the reason they were excited to learn new concepts and translate them to their realities, so they asked many insightful questions, quickly set about designing role-play to cement new learning, and had a terrific time in the process.

Perhaps what really excited this marketer was their willingness to transition from selling “advertising solutions” and talking about “features and benefits” to selling “insights.” In their new role they seek to assist their clients, mostly marketing managers, achieve their marketing communication objectives. It’s a long, long, road, with many a winding turn. They know it. But many of them, like good salespeople everywhere, possess the high ego-drive that is so critical to success in sales. And they love the smell of big money.

They had fun. And this marketer enjoyed teaching the bright.


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