Cracking the Whip?

Unknown-1 Very often managers claim that they cannot pull their reps from the trade during the work week and insist that sales training is done on weekends, after reps have already put in a full week’s work. What do you think of this practice?


2 thoughts on “Cracking the Whip?

  1. Lorna Cover says:

    While a two day training event over a weekend is helpful, I firmly believe that one or two short training sessions during the course of a week can yield far better results given that one loses as much as 70% of material learnt if it is not used immediately. Sales representatives are usually on the go, cosequently, the ground rules for the weekly sessions ought to be;-

    i. 50-60 minutes at most;
    ii. no excuses for absence allowed;
    iii. vary trainers/consultants
    iv. use of visual imagery, essential.


    • Thank you Lorna for your perspective. My experience is that most merchants, for example, don’t want to see salespeople on Fridays. Knowing this, many reps would prefer spending Fridays sharpening the saw. They tend to prefer training on a Friday, practicing taught principles the following week, returning next Friday to discuss their progress and seek further instructions.


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