The Caribbean’s Best Salesman?


Four years ago I was the guest of Leroy Dallas at Guardian Life Insurance Company’s annual awards ceremony. He was Agent of the year. Again. Feigning ignorance I asked his then 11-year-old daughter Nicole what her daddy did. “Uncle,” she replied, “He’s a businessman that sells insurance.” Not surprisingly Leroy is always among the leaders every Quarter, and was Rep of the year again in 2013.

What’s different about the top Rep at Guardian Life? Leroy follows classical marketing theory by segmenting the market for life insurance and related services, and choosing an attractive segment (the highest end)  a niche if you prefer, as his target. He then devotes countless hours to studying his target market, and guided by research he continuously builds his capacity to serve them. Finally Leroy positions himself as the right advisor for his target population. Mindful of the stigma attached to people who “sell themselves” Leroy never does. “Let them buy me!”

Okay, so what else does Leroy Dallas really do, and how does he do it? It’s an open secret. He is confident in the knowledge that, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Having made this declaration the rest can be summed up in just eight words. Big dreams. Narrow focus. Relentless planning. Ruthless implementation. Perhaps even more importantly, he balances this rigid discipline with dedication to his family and his Seventh Day Adventist faith.

So what about making a pitch, selling features, advantages and benefits and handling objections? Or old school “solutions selling”? That’s almost useless in selling to the C-suite or highest level professionals. Indeed young Nicola was correct. Her daddy is a businessman that just happens to sell insurance.


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