Push it or Pull it?

Marketing thinkers at times differ on which is likely to be more effective in a given situation: the push or pull communications strategy. Here’s a quick reminder of the differences in approach.

A push communications strategy is one in which the offering is pushed trough a marketing channel in a sequential fashion. A push strategy concentrates on channel intermediaries, building relationships that can have long term benefits. A principal emphasis is on personal selling to wholesalers and retailers. Check this. You walk in a supermarket and they are just in your face!!!

The pull communication strategy on the other hand seeks to create initial interest among potential buyers who in turn demand the offering from intermediaries, ultimately pulling the offering through a marketing channel. A prime example is the talk-to-your-doctor about Viagra or Cialis advertisements.

But all that is about marketing strategy. Let’s turn to consumer behaviour. As a buyer do you really want to be pushed into buying a product? Or do you prefer marketing and sales people who take a softer approach and help you to buy what’s best or you?


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