Sales and Marketing Manager? What’s Your Orientation?

Long before Apple exemplified it, Peter Drucker claimed that a business has only two basic functions-innovation and marketing. Hmmmmh… Watch it accountants!

We’ve had fun (and are sometimes pained) observing the practice of marketing and sales for decades and we’re back to using this space once or twice weekly to share insights, with specific referencing to the Jamaican environment. But given our love for baseball, motor racing and cycling (Hello Eddy Merckx and Lance Armstrong and Jan Ulrich and Tyler Hamilton and yes… our own Sir David Weller) it is only natural that we will not confine our borders to 18N x 77W.

Being a natural hermit I don’t meet as many people as I should, but sometimes when I ask a new acquaintance what they do they reply that they are sales and marketing manager for a particular firm. As the conversation progresses they often confide that they are not doing so well: indeed often missing their numbers and are at a total loss having tried “everything in the book.”

I wish that I could tell them that if they became marketing and sales managers instead, their focus would be different. Instead of teaching their Reps how to make a pitch and fight off objections they could take the more rewarding (and pleasanter approach) of engaging the prospect in a discussion around their needs. Needs that are known and unknown. And using their knowledge of the industry and the buyer’s business, take the conversation to a different level. And come back to Management with great insights for their firm.

Selling is a game. And like all games the best players adapt to the changing times. Just ask David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz who, with an excellent new skipper who, BTW, was his former batting coach, adjusted his swing and had an incredible OBP of .760 for Boston in the just concluded MLB World Series.

Hellooo my selling friends. How well are you adapting to the changing game. Fast balls are faster, and curve balls are breaking much more. So what’s your batting average as we end the first month of Q4???


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