Your Customers Don’t Love You!

“You are mad. Don’t tell me that. My customers love me. Every week every single one of them has an order ready for me. And you tell me that they don’t love me?”You’re mad!”

“What do you sell?” I asked. “Paint. That’s obvious.” “Which brand?” I continued. “The best! We paint the Cleveland Browns stadium!” “So tell me, what would your customers do if next week you switched to carrying the Jones brand of paints. A brand that none of them knows… would they still love you and order the same quantities of your new product?”

Too often in sales we forget our raison d’être.

It is so tempting, especially if you’ve had some measure of success, to think that selling today is still about our professional appearance, warm smile, firm handshake and persuasive powers. All of the above are important, but in an age where as much as 80% of the purchasing decision is often made before the buyer has even spoken to a sales person, what really matters to the buyer? You: or the value that you can create for them?

More specifically, in an age of product parity, when last did you burnish your value proposition? And can you identify just one point of real difference that makes your offering superior and which will resonate with your buyer? And your buyer’s boss?

Aaaaaahhh! the value proposition… Today’s game changer. Get it right and make it easier for your  customers to love you.



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