Man-a-yaad, Cerebral…

Prodigal? Well… not quite. But I’m back. Unlike the prodigal I haven’t exactly been feeding pigs; but I do enjoy fatted calf! And over the 11 months that I haven’t blogged my passion for marketing and selling has only grown.

And speaking of passion; my JLP friends Andrew and Audley have been on the campaign trail for weeks. Man-a-yaad vs. passionate, deep-thinking leader. One will be the PNP’s nightmare. The other wants to make our dreams come through (or true). One is said to be winnable but not so bright; the other, bright but not winnable. Latest is that they are arguing over 5Es; ownership, origin, intellectual property and plagiarism. Hmmmmh.

Do they remind you of two competing salesmen wasting much time talking about features and benefits to an informed customer who is already 90% through the buying cycle?

If both are claiming the 5E’s, maybe there is product parity after all, and maybe the only real difference is not what they sell: but how they sell.

Would you buy from either of them? What do you think?


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