How should I assist this Caller?

“Can you send me your marketing plan format?”

I’m hesitant. Caller has a well-established small business and I doubt that she has studied anything in the past 20 years.

“What’s up? Why do you want one? Are you studying or something?”

“Yeah I’m studying. But why are you giving me argument? Just send me the format that you use.”

“Tell me about your marketing planning? Is it services marketing, marketing products, export marketing, or what?”

I need to know so that I can customise something for my friend.

“Just send me your marketing plan template.”

McDonald, Frow and Payne, in Marketing Plans For Services: A Complete Guide, 2011, (with E-books you don’t know page numbers anymore) remind us of the significant differences between product and services marketing. Further, the easy, high-growth markets have been replaced by mature, low-growth demand patterns that have forced suppliers to question erstwhile successful business models. And a more sophisticated consumer empowered by the Internet has compelled service providers to pay greater attention to the needs of the consumers of their services.

What’s up Chief Marketing Officers? With business moving at the speed of light you sometimes wonder if the 3-5 years strategic marketing plan and the accompanying 1-year tactical plan are worth it. It’s painstaking work lasting weeks. Do you sometimes feel the weight of the business on your shoulders?

But back to my Caller. Shall I direct her to her lecturer?


One thought on “How should I assist this Caller?

  1. Andrew says:

    I think what you can do is explain to the person that marketing is not structured that way. Advise her tha she should continue to do some research to he point where she can answer her own question.


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