Politics = Marketing?

Whom do Jamaicans prefer?

A year ago the argument between Green and Orange became boisterous. The media war left everyone excited. Two camps. But no clear winner. Time to settle the matter. So everyone met in the town square.

Drunk from the bitter medicine of phosphate of ammonia young fresh and Green bragged, ‘I’m the symbol of growth. My roots are deep. I can withstand any breeze blow, but the likklest thing Orange drop off the tree and burst. Furthermore, Orange was green before it became orange. And Orange can be sour. And Orange pretty, but head light. And Orange clueless. Cuss. Cuss. More cuss. Yadda yadda yadda.’

Meanwhile Orange smiled sweetly. ‘Mek young, fresh and Green gwaan cuss me. The more they mention my name, the more people remember me. I don’t have the gift of gab. But Green cannot eat. Is orange that full belly. I rest my case.’

Burston-Marsteller, the global PR firm describes depositioning as seeking to openly call into question claims made by, or actions taken by competitors. In essence, it is part of a check-and balance process that ultimately keeps the market place honest.

But depositioning, a strategy employed by the JLP in the 2011 election campaign, can be seen as sully, underhanded, and even unethical – the worst type of PR. A risky practice in the best of times and an absolute disaster if the brand you are depositioning has mass emotional appeal.

America’s Democratic Convention reminded us that politics = marketing. Is the JLP clueless?


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