What! A Sony fridge?

Someone asked a friend of mine if she would buy a Sony radio. Now friend is a recently retired banker. Logical thinker. If it doesn’t make sense she isn’t ‘buying’ it… so to speak.

‘Sure.’ ‘How about a Sony T/V?’ ‘Definitelty.’ ‘And a Sony fridge?’ ‘You mad! A Sony is not a fridge.’

Product mix consistency, as Bearden, Ingram and LaForge reminds us, refers to the relatedness of the different product lines in a product mix. And inconsistency in the mix is fraught with danger!

A great Jamaican example is GraceKennedy. Grace = (good) food. So their insurance broker, insurance company, bank and hardware companies are not branded Grace.

Like my banker friend, you wouldn’t buy a Sony fridge. Would you now?
Grace = Food. Right… So… What’s a LASCO?


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