There’s marketing and there’s…

Almost two decades ago I gave a humble but distinguished gentleman a ride into Montego Bay. I vaguely knew of him working at a small hotel near what those who drank water from the “crick” describe in utmost reverence as “The University of Cornwall.”

“Tell me something, Stewie, you still work at the hotel?”

“Oh yes!” he beamed.

Making conversation with this delightful gentleman is easy.

“So what does your job mostly entail?” “Well, you know, I go down to Charles Gordon market and buy all the fresh vegetables, fruits and ground provisions for the hotel twice a week. Every week. In fact I do all the marketing for the hotel!”

That was before I went to marketing school.

Doyle & Stern (2006) remind us that marketing is “the task of creating and delivering goods and services that customers will value.”

But in too many companies out of deep frustration business development/sales managers are asking “what’s marketing doing?”

A long time ago Drucker declared: “A business has two, and only two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

My marketing friend Stewie was creating value by taking to the hotel ‘goodies’ that they valued.

What does your marketer do?


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