Can your rep do that?

I’ve got a BB, iPhone, iPad and a big screen desktop that’s easy on the eyes. I’m constantly wired so I can Google anything I want to know about your product and your competitors.’ Furthermore, your Website tells it all. So why are you sending me a Rep? In my prime time? What’s worse, NCR (remember them) were practising your Rep’s slick “solutions selling” model from as far back as late NINETEENTH CENTURY! Give me a break! How about firing that features and benefits spouting sales rep with his annoying closing techniques and sending me a business person instead? Send me someone who can actually DO something for me. Not someone who’s hustlin his sales quota!

Ok; so not every customer will be that blunt. But what purpose does your Rep really serve? When last did you check?

Technology has changed both consumer and business buying behaviour. Forever. But what about your sales force? Do they still create a competitive advantage? Nobody needs a salesman anymore! But a tactical marketer who can micro-differentiate your firm just may be welcome. Can your Reps do that?


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